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Fathers to Lead
Fathers to Lead
God gave man the position of Head of the Home and it is the mandate and responsibility of men to carry out their God given duty
A Glorious Church
Our desire should be to attain the status of a Glorious Church, without spot or wrinkle.
The Deity of Christ
Jesus Christ wasn't another prophet or great man but He was God in the flesh who came to save mankind.
Witnesses unto Christ
We have all been given the great commission by Jesus Christ to go into all the world. Are you being a witness for the Saviour?
A message about the characteristics of Job and how Christians can apply these lessons to our spiritual life
The importance of Fatherhood in the local New Testament Church
Biblical Salvation
Pastor Cyril Gumbs uses the Bible to explain true salvation as opposed to the World belief system
Biblical Creation
Pastor Cyril Gumbs outlines the importance of Biblical creation and how it applies to Christianity today